Strange but true: Holiday home stories from around the world

August 13, 2013 / 0 Comment

This week has seen a rise in weird and wonderful holiday home stories from across the globe…

1. China’s rooftop villa


In the heart of Beijing, a highly unusual rooftop villa is causing a stir.

The unauthorised 800 sq ft craggy complex of rooms, rocks and trees, balanced on top of a 26 storey block of flats looks like the base of a Bond villain. It is said to be owned by a man who has made his money in Chinese herbal medicine.

The mansion which neighbours say has damaged the structure of the building has been under construction for years. Authorities, who were seemingly only alerted to its existence last week, have given the owner 15 days to tear it down.


2. Florida sinkhole


In Florida, a sink hole has enveloped a holiday home complex, sucking it into the ground.

All 105 people staying at the Summer Bay Resort in Clermont, near Disney World, were safely evacuated when the ground gave way on Sunday night.

By Monday morning, nearly a third of the complex had collapsed into a sinkhole up to 100ft (30m) in diameter.

The 15ft (5m) deep sinkhole at the Summer Bay Resort swallowed a villa with 24 three-storey units, and endangered two other villas.

And finally…

3. Obama’s pouch flown to the Vineyard


Bo, the beloved dog of the Obama’s has arrived for the family vacation in style – jetting into the family’s holiday home in Martha’s Vineyard on a MarineĀ  Corps helicopter.

Surrounded by a specialist team of security agents, this is one dog that knows how to make an entrance!


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